Need a Break?

Here's a little half-day spiritual retreat for you to try. You could do it from anywhere! If you want another one or a customized one, I'm happy to talk to you about it! 

Retreat Leadership

I have planned and led more than ten retreats in the Bay Area. I have orchestrated weekend retreats at a retreat center, and I've also done day and evening retreats. 


Whether you're leading a group of Christian adults, a mixed faith group, or a specific demographic, planning a good retreat is challenging. Yet the results can be life-changing! The ideal retreat begins by offering participants a deep sense of welcome and belonging. As the retreat progresses, people can find a deeper place within themselves to connect with God and their community. By the end they are ready to take these new discoveries into their worlds.

Whatever your need, I would love to be a part of your next retreat--whether it's in the planning or leading. Contemplative spiritual direction offers a great model for giving participants time to process individually and collectively. I am always blown away by what God is able to accomplish! If you need a consultant as you plan the flow and activities or if you would like me to come and guide your group through various activities, get in touch. 

Personal Retreat Help

Feeling the need for a retreat? Planning to get away for a weekend, day, or even just a morning? A lot of people desperately want, even need a retreat. But then once they get it they don't know what to do with themselves. Let me design a retreat plan for you. I have pre-made day retreat options, or you can ask for something based on your specific needs. Retreat packets will  generally include Scripture, spiritual practices, activity ideas, and journaling questions. 


Get your day retreat packet for just $15

Contact me for other pricing options. 

Book me to come and facilitate at your next retreat. I can offer a mix of group spiritual direction and Biblical teaching.  So whether you are looking for more silence and contemplation or teaching, I would love to serve your community. I am happy to discuss and meet the needs and desires of your group to foster spiritual growth for all participants. 


Prices are negotiable. 

Retreat Leadership

"Also, watch for times when you can be alone with yourself and God. Often these times are already in the rhythm of your week but are filled with distractions to protect you from solitude. Some people have music on whenever they are alone. Others turn to their computer, television or their phone in ways that serve the same soul-numbing purposes. The possibilities for avoiding solitude are endless."

David Benner

The Gift of Being Yourself