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"Also, watch for times when you can be alone with yourself and God. Often these times are already in the rhythm of your week but are filled with distractions to protect you from solitude... The possibilities for avoiding solitude are endless."

~David Benner in The Gift of Being Yourself


What's a Retreat?


Pre-Made Materials

A chance to step away from ordinary time and into holy time. This should be a part of everyone's rhythm of life. Just as lovers strengthen their bond through weekends away, so too can we strengthen our bond with God. Retreats can be a few hours long or even a few weeks long, or anything in between. I would love to companion you as you step into holy time set apart for your relationship with the Holy One.

Customized Retreat for an individual ($75 and up)

Customized Retreat Programming for groups ($75 and up)

Pre-Made Retreat materials: Price Varies

These are designed for people who want to take some time away from daily life, but they are not sure how to spend that time. In my experience, going from very busy to nothing is incredibly difficult.

I offer a booklet with 16 different practices you can choose from based on your mood. Available for digital download in the store.

There is also a pre-made half-day retreat if you just have a few hours to set aside or if you just want a starting place for a longer retreat. Available for digital download in the store.


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