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Find Some Space to Experience God

Caprice Applequist

Caprice Applequist


We all need more space in our lives: space to encounter God, discover passions, and care for ourselves. As a spiritual director, I want to help create that space. Whether it’s one-on-one for an hour or with a group or over a weekend, I want to spend time alongside you exploring your spiritual journey.


Noticing the Holy Together

Contrary to the name, spiritual direction is not actually very directive. Rather, spiritual direction is about having another person to observe how you are interacting with God in your life. Sometimes the path of faith feels aimless. A spiritual director exists to be a companion on that path, pointing out road markers, potential dangers, and encouraging you to look around and appreciate the surroundings. There are many different formats and models. I offer personal spiritual direction, group direction, and retreat activities. 


Tools for your spiritual life

Explore Your Options

"Over the years, my conversations in spiritual direction have continually reminded me that God is always waiting to extend grace and love to me in order for me to extend grace and love to others."

-Alice Fryling-

Seeking God Together

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